Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Street Faces 2

the girl at the tram stop is young
kinda cute
bit of a hippy

she talks to me of the coal she bought for her hookah pipe
wonders if the tram will be here soon

she’s a little drunk
carries her coal
and two shaken bottles of beer
says she insisted the guy at the shop double bag them
but he didn’t
it broke and she dropped them
from the bike now chained near the stop

she’s gonna leave it there and catch the tram

i pull my canvas shopping bag from my pack
and hand it to her
she demurs
says it’s too good
i let her know i have more

then i give her a smoke
we light up together
and talk of inconsequentialities

the tram comes
and we ride it together

i tell her to have a beautiful life
when i get off at my stop

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