Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fouling the nest

Mother I float in you
Immersed in life's source
I feel cradled, welcomed
My body is
Rocked ever so
Slightly by your
Gentle waves
On this near still day
The cries of nearby birds are
Muffled by the
Water lapping past my ears
I breathe in deeply inhaling your
Salt tang
As I open my eyes to
Stare into your sky
I am

My outstretched hand is
Touched then
Fingers enveloped by
Something passing by
And I do not need to look to
Recognise it
I crumple the chip packet into the
Pocket of my shorts for
Later disposal as the
Wind changes and my calm is
Assaulted by the smell of
Outflow pipe not too far away
I am sorry
For what we are doing to you
I will go now