Friday, December 18, 2009

so much fun to read...

And a hush was heard to fall across, well, actually not, in that, to my understanding, the term hush is used to designate a perceptible lack of sound, and as such, would seem to be not a phenomenon which is heard, as such, but perceived in a non-sensory manner as a comparative lack of such sound, and therefore perceptible more as a recognisable difference in level of sensory input from one time frame to the next following a marked event or point in time which can be used to pinpoint the change from one such frame of time and the one following, so hearing such a phenomenon as a hush fall, if an incident without mass as such can be said to fall, but this would be a serious digression, would not reasonably be considered to be a possibility, and as such…..

Most if, not all, of the ambient sound which had been audibly present in this place up to the current point in time appeared, in an audibly perceptible manner, and not by becoming visible, to have diminished subsequent to the aforementioned event in such a way as to cause a noticeable lack in said sound comparative to the perceptible levels of sound prior to the aforementioned event.

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  1. Love it. Calvino has whole stories written like that.