Monday, February 20, 2012

to those i have not known

note: orig written 1998 - true story and unedited

I did once see a man standing in the street
An eccentric? A bum? Supposed derelict
Not breaking stride I passed him without giving him his worth
My ears they were not open to the words that issued forth

When second time I saw him, a discovery of kind
In a room full of wordsmiths this gentleman I spied
And my ears were finally open to everything I heard
A warrior was he, his weapons were his words
And now I hear I will not see this giant for a third

And only now I think of those I've passed without a thought
And think now of the beauty in this life I have not sought
So, as you go through life, do please stop and look around
Because beauty is within us, and in this world it does abound