Wednesday, January 14, 2015



In my 1979 grade 5 playground
10 year old Lebanese boy
Haysam M_____
Stands unmoving
Facing a large crowd of kids
Shouting abuse and racial slurs
His face unreadable

The crowd of kids facing Haysam
Are all Anglo of
One sort or another
We attend Christian
Religious studies together
Their parents take most of them to the
Church next door on Sundays

Haysam’s younger sisters
One in grade three
The other grade one
Cower behind him seeking
Shelter from the abuse
The youngest holds the
Tail of his shirt
And cries


In the intervening years between the
First incursion in 1990 and the
Second in 2003
America continue to bombard Iraq
Including depleted nuclear material
In their armaments
Cancer, once an infrequent anomaly
Now diagnosed in thousands of
Children per year

In an act of terrorism
Attributed to an Islamic extremist group
Two buildings are brought down in
New York on 11 September 2001
Causing outcry and hysteria
Around the western World


10 year old Haysam M_____ stands
Immobile and resolute
Shielding his sisters facing a crowd
Shouting vilifications
The implications of which
They are too young to understand
The only sign of tension
In his young body his arms
Held straight at his sides
Fists clenched

Outcast myself
In my 1979 grade 5 playground
I do not stand with the abusers
But fearing further ostracism
And violence
Neither do I stand at the side
Of Haysam M_____


Thursday, November 27, 2014

Fouling the nest

Mother I float in you
Immersed in life's source
I feel cradled, welcomed
My body is
Rocked ever so
Slightly by your
Gentle waves
On this near still day
The cries of nearby birds are
Muffled by the
Water lapping past my ears
I breathe in deeply inhaling your
Salt tang
As I open my eyes to
Stare into your sky
I am

My outstretched hand is
Touched then
Fingers enveloped by
Something passing by
And I do not need to look to
Recognise it
I crumple the chip packet into the
Pocket of my shorts for
Later disposal as the
Wind changes and my calm is
Assaulted by the smell of
Outflow pipe not too far away
I am sorry
For what we are doing to you
I will go now

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


he is dead, she is dead, they are gone

the time for eulogy and reflection has begun

and i ask if you remember

if you remember how they could satirise with such wit and precision that the subject of their barbs would have no choice but to concede and laugh along

and i ask if you remember

if you remember how with a sweeping stroke of the same pen they could capture a mountain range with such clarity that you could hear eagles cry soaring far above in the clouds

and i ask if you remember

if you remember how they could transcribe their feelings and senses to the page with such accuracy and attention to detail that you could feel their lover’s caress, smell their hair

and now they are gone

and i ask if you remember

if you remember where you were when you heard

if you remember what you were doing when you were told

if you remember the pain deep inside

the sudden emptiness within

as the realisation took hold

if you remember whose hand you held for comfort

as the tears began to fall

i ask if you remember

and i know that you do not

for this is the lament for the unknown artist

the lament for the ones for whom there are no accolades for the writers of their eulogies

for the ones for whom recognition was not central to the creative urge

for the ones whose creativity did not extend to the creation of a name for themselves

this is the lament for the ones who painted, and sculpted, and wrote, and drew, and sang, and played, and danced, and created beauty with their very lives because to do otherwise would be to deny the burning in the centre of their souls

this is the lament for the loss of those for whom the full realisation of what has passed will never be known

this is the selfish lament

the lament that in our ignorance of their existence we have been spared the pain of knowing what has gone from this world

the lament for that pain

the pain that would have marked just how enriched our lives could have been

Monday, February 20, 2012

to those i have not known

note: orig written 1998 - true story and unedited

I did once see a man standing in the street
An eccentric? A bum? Supposed derelict
Not breaking stride I passed him without giving him his worth
My ears they were not open to the words that issued forth

When second time I saw him, a discovery of kind
In a room full of wordsmiths this gentleman I spied
And my ears were finally open to everything I heard
A warrior was he, his weapons were his words
And now I hear I will not see this giant for a third

And only now I think of those I've passed without a thought
And think now of the beauty in this life I have not sought
So, as you go through life, do please stop and look around
Because beauty is within us, and in this world it does abound

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

squeaky wheels

I am surrounded by
Squeaky wheels
Getting greased with
My blood

But nobody notices my
Pock-marked skin
The barbs of these
Prickly bushes around me
Tear at my skin leave
Noxious residue behind to
Fester until
Coming to a head
Ichor release offends those
Who caused the

Yet those squeaky wheels
Cry out for my blood
Not recognising the
Two way street
That they travel upon

Friday, October 7, 2011


The pants of my
Are a
Too tight

In the morning
When I put it on
At work
I breathe out
Just a little
To button my pants

At my desk
Other people’s problems are
Or fixed

Demands are made
For errors to be fixed
By those who
Made them happen
Responsibilities of
Laid at

Next to my
Workspace a window
Holds a view of an
Outside world
Continuing without

When the time comes
And my computer is
Shut down
And my work day
To a close

I take off my
Suit put my
Home clothes on
And breathe in
Just a little

Thursday, June 2, 2011

An aroma, more than a flavour

My dad died in his kitchen
Collapsed in a heap in
The corner near the kettle
Vomit on the cupboards and floor

Outside a patch of driveway was
Dug up to prepare for
Inlay of nearby bricks
His mattock carelessly dropped
To one side

The paramedics and cops
Think he felt a twinge
A bit ill
While digging
Went inside to relax
Grab glass of water
Too late

But not me

On the table
Next to his armchair
When we cleaned up the next day
After the coroner took him away
Before our mum could see
We found a
Single chocolate biscuit
His evening with cuppa treat
He was making a cup of tea
Died doing something he loved