Monday, February 14, 2011

Shelly's world

She was walking towards me
on the street
and she was beautiful
her hair
make up
entire ensemble

made me stop dead in my walk
to the tram

do not misunderstand
I was not on the pull
did not wish to talk
her into tryst
or otherwise

but when she passed
I stopped
and said
“darling, you look great”
paid compliment to
pertinent aspects
of her apparel

her reaction was one
of such indignation
and aggression
I may as well have said
I wanted to violate her body
right there on the street
when I was done with her mum

and I was displaced
within shelly's peach melba hat
except that it was the subject that
berated me
to point of calling police
for crime of simple compliment

in face of her tirade
I held up hands
confessed that while I was
my comment
was not meant to
initiate contact
I had not asked her name
and I was heading home
in opposite direction

but that i'd thought
that she was such
and obvious effort made was such
that pause for simple
was warranted

and moving on I wondered
and I wondered
we lost the simple
of simply paying

and then I remembered shelly
and the snow drop kid
so many years before

and mourned for a time
I am too young
to remember

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